Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Purple and Green

I like purple and green together. It's really nothing new. If you look at kids' toys, they are typically used for monsters or "bad guys". I recently got a back-to-school flyer from Bed Bath and Beyond that featured products in these colors. I've been a fan of purple and green for quite a while, but never made much use of them until now. Here are a few examples:

This is a cycling jersey I got in the early 90's:

A couple of my favorite t-shirts:

I'm not limiting it to just apparel. I painted the bathroom white and am using purple and green as accent colors. these two little pictures are just pieces of "Shag" wrapping paper that I put in some frames that I already had:

And speaking of monsters, I found this little guy to be perfect for holding small bathroom items:

No bathroom is complete without a rubber duckie:

Green dog:

This silly green dog is really what started my whole new fascination with purple and green. It makes no sense. I think I should hate this sort of a thing, but I don't. In fact, I really like it a lot. I bought it at the River Market Antique Mall (I love that place!)

Green and purple also work very well with orange. In fact, all the secondary and tertiary colors play well together. Here is a 50's vintage Branchell Color-Flyte cream and sugar set in green and orange:

This is a photo I took to illustrate the three colors together:

The pouch is a Maxpedition Large TacTile. It's shown with a piece of faux fur I bought on eBay, a Tac-Link in coyote tan and some purple 550 cord (also from eBay). All of that is on top of my M-65 field jacket.

I hope you find this post useful. As time goes on, I will be exploring color and texture much more deeply. Rock on.

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