Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Bug Out Bag / Every Day Carry

How about a quick tour of my bag? I have recently been going through and re-doing this kit from the ground up. I'm not really done with it, as it's constantly evolving.

It is a Maxpedition Falcon II backpack shown here with a T.A.D. Gear battery pouch and a Maxpedition M-1 Waistpack attached to the right side and a Maxpedition Mini Rollypoly on the left side (not visible).That's a TacLink on the front pocket. To the inside...

Front pockets open. Top - wallet (Maxpedition CMC), sunglasses (Oakley Half Jacket SI). Bottom - pens, pencil, comb, hand sanitizer, ear plugs, plus room for more, possibly a hygiene kit. Hand sanitizer is a great firestarter.

Middle pocket open with what I keep in it - 1st aid kit (Maxpedition FR-1), survival essentials kit (TAD Gear Booster Pod) and organizer/tool kit (Maxpedition Fatty Pocket Organizer). Also, spiral notebook and a pencil sharpener.

One at a time: 1st Aid Kit - forceps, shears, gauze pads and tape, band-aids and q-tips, Celox bloodstopper, ibuprofen, neosporin, eye drops, triangular bandage, burn gel, wet wipes, gloves, field dressing, iris scissors, tweezers, mirror. I think I going to add some butterfly bandages, also.

Another thing I would like to keep in this kit is some baking soda. I use it very often. I just need to find a good way to carry a small amount.

Essentials - various size ziplock bags, one containing 4 coffee filters, duct tape, 2corks, (in bag): matches, needles, thread on metal bobbins, single edge razor blade, p-38, a snap hook, glow stick, zip ties, 15 ft of 550 cord, (in bag): various safety pins, 10ft fishing line, 2 hooks, 2 1/4" flat washers, toilet paper from MRE accessory pack. Constantly being revised. That pouch is intended to be pulled from the main pack and used alone, if necessary. I'll keep changing it until I'm satisfied with it.

Inside the Fatty - pen, mini EMT shears, small Phillips, lighter, back-up knife, Gerber multi tool. Small 1st aid kit inside a Mil Spec Monkey small patch panel contains ibuprofen, band-aids, q-tips, ointment, matches, wipes, safety pin. Mini Maglite in a Mil Spec Monkey EMT shear pouch. Again - always changing.

The main compartment has a full clamshell opening, allowing it to be opened up completely. In here - a few food items including canned peaches ( opens with no can opener and the empty can is useful too), granola bars and trail mix. The stuff sacks originally contained sheets and pillowcases. I added 550 cord drawstrings and cordlocks. The small one has a bandana, a pair of socks and a pair of jersey gloves. The larger one contains a long sleeve tee, a short sleeve tee and a pair of shorts. In the mesh pocket is ten water purification tablets and there is a space blanket inside the M-1 waistpack.

In the very back there is a pocket that will hold a 3 liter hydration bladder. I found that it will also fit this military type space blanket. The small pouch is a TAD Gear with five AA batteries. On the other side is a Maxpedition Mini Rollypoly. It holds a 1 liter Nalgene bottle. On the left strap is a Pentagon mini angle head LED light. Seen here on the right strap is a Maxpedition Keyper.
And with all that, there is still room for more. I have it compressed all the way. Also, there are lashing straps and PALS webbing on the bottom, so more stuff can be attached there, like a poncho/liner, a small tent, etc.

Once again, this setup is constantly changing, so I will keep posting updates.

Semper Paratus

Monday, February 4, 2013

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