Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mil-Spec Monkey Small Patch Panel and Shear Pouch

I recently acquired these two small pouches and I didn't know it at the time, but they solved a couple of minor issues I had with my Maxpedition Fatty Pocket Organizer. They are both designed by Mil-Spec Monkey in collaboration with Tactical Tailor and manufactured in the U.S.A. They are shown here with a pair of Mini EMT Shears, also from Mil-Spec Monkey.

The patch panel is constructed from 1000D nylon, while the shear pouch is made from 2 inch nylon webbing wit a piece of one-inch webbing for securing the shears. The front of the panel is covered with loop-side velcro. The backs have three rows of PALS webbing for attachment to any MOLLE-compatible surface. Both of these pouches come with color-matched Malice Clips (not shown). 

Unlike other patch panels, the MSM panel includes a zippered compartment for the storage of small, flat items. This greatly increases the usefulness of an otherwise limited product. Measuring approximately 6.25 inches wide by 4.25 inches high, it's big enough to hold an iPhone or other similar device; but doesn't offer much protection (more on that in a minute).

I wanted to include a few small first aid items in my EDC, but didn't have a pouch that was flat enough to suit my needs. I was using a 3x4" ziplock bag, but those aren't very durable. The Small Patch Panel works perfectly.

As mentioned in my post about the Fatty Pocket Organizer, the elastic loop in the middle of the pouch held my flashlight, but allowed it to rattle around and srape against the multitool. The Shear Pouch is intended to hold a pair of 7.5 inch EMT shears, but fits a Mini Maglite like it was made for it. The 1" webbing is long enough to secure the light, but it's not really necessary for my purposes, so I just folded it back and tucked it behind the PALS webbing.

I like to keep my phone in the front inside slip pocket of the Fatty, but was concerned that the front of the pouch is a single layer of fabric, which offers little protection from impact. The Small Patch Panel remedied this issue. It fits inside the pocket and adds almost a quarter inch of padding, plus the fuzzy surface of the velcro protects the face of the phone.

The Shear Pouch fits under the center elastic loop just right, securing the Maglite and preventing it from making direct contact with the multitool.

As a further enhancement to the Fatty, I gutted a piece of 550 cord and added it to the zipper pull on the right side. It helps a lot.

Overall, I am very happy with Mil-Spec Monkey's products. They are simple, well thought-out, affordable and very useful. It's a big bonus that they are made in the U.S.A.

Semper Paratus

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