Thursday, June 14, 2012

Maxpedition Fatty Pocket Organizer

So let's get to it:

The Maxpedition Fatty Pocket Organizer is the first new piece of gear I've bought in a while. As I mentioned earlier, I got to where I was carrying very little in terms of basic EDC gear. Part of that was that I wasn't traveling much. Part of it was that I stopped caring. Now that the current zombie craze is picking up steam, I have something to get excited about. You can't leave your house in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested world without some basic tools for survival. The Fatty is one way to keep some of them contained. Here I have one in Khaki (0261K) shown with an Orange Tac-Link by ITW Nexus (sold seperately.)

Actual outside dimensions are about 7.75"h x5.5"w x2"d. (I say "about" because it's cloth - it can be smooshed.) On the front there is a 4.5"h x4.75"w mesh slip pocket that closes with hook and loop. Above that there is a 2x3 inch square of loop material for patches. It is designed as a drop-in pouch and will fit in the cargo pocket of any BDU or ACU-type pants. You can also drop it into your pack or bag, of course.

On the back there are three rows by two columns of PALS webbing for attachment to other gear. Shown here with two 3" TacTies in Foliage Green - also sold seperately. There is also a grab handle attached with box-and-X stitching. The finishing is beautiful; there are no loose ends showing.

On the inside left, there is a 5.5"h x 4.75"w slip pocket, an elastic organizer with 9 divisions, a key clip and a loop for dummy-cording.

On the right, there is a zippered pocket and an elastic organizer with six divisions. There is an elastic loop in the middle. The MagLite fits a bit loose, but the loop keeps it from rolling around. The right side is deeper than the left. That's my Gerber multi-tool. I don't remember what model it is. The elastic holds it snugly.

Here it is with a few more things inside. On my phone, that's a Magpul IP4 Field Case (I'll say more about that later). On the right is a Maxpedition Micro Wallet. Also shown is a Tac-Link in Tan (everything here is sold seperately, of course!). The knife is a CRKT M16-13M. On the inside also, the construction and finishing are beautiful. The seams are all taped and there are no loose ends showing anywhere. The zippers function perfectly. If I could ask for anything, it would be for some padding, maybe just on the front half or possibly a dedicated phone pocket.

Overall, I am very happy with this pouch. It's compact, versatile and it does what I wanted it to do. I like this pouch, but I like all Maxpedition pouches. Maxpedition builds some of the best gear on the market. I have been using their stuff for several years, and I have yet to be disappointed. It's thoughtfully designed and user-friendly. It's obvious that Maxpedition takes user feedback seriously. I am loyal to Maxpedition as a brand and it is my sincere desire to become an authorized dealer. It's good stuff and I want to share it.

There are still a couple of small things I want to get to keep in here, like a Pocket Widgy tool from County Comm and some mini EMT shears. I also want to go over some suggested EDC items, but I'll save that for a future post. Til then, be safe.

Semper Paratus

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