Saturday, June 16, 2012

EMT Utility Shears

I usually don't buy cheap stuff because it's...well, cheap. But sometimes I'll find something that's useful and a good value. EMT shears are such an item.

Besides being cheap, they're also very easy to find. A quick eBay search turned up 480 results. They can also be found at surplus stores, gun shows, dealers of law enforcement and tactical gear and many other places. If bought in bulk, they can be had for less than 75 cents each. The red ones pictured above I found on the side of the road more than 20 years ago. I keep them in the kitchen drawer and use them frequently. That's 20+ years of service for a cost of $0. You can't get a much better value than that. They come in many colors, including all the standard military colors (black, OD, Tan, Foliage, etc.), as well as many fashion colors and Safety Orange. There are "tactical" versions available with black oxide coated blades. The black ones shown above are painted. They are available in two sizes - 5.5 inch and 7.5 inch. Those above are all 7.5".

These shears are a great addition to any EDC kit. I don't think I need to explain how scissors are useful. There are custom sheaths and carriers available for EMT shears, but since the tips aren't sharp, they can safely be stuck into a pouch or pocket. Mil Spec Monkey offers a nice sheath here. Since they are so cheap and useful, I might start selling them in my eBay store. Stay tuned...

Semper Paratus

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