Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Oakley Half Jacket S.I.

It's been a while since I've posted, so I want to do a few quick reviews of some items I've been using for a while. One true test of a product's quality is how well it stands up over time. I want to share a few that have served me well.

I have been an avid Oakley user since 1990. The fit, feel, clarity, durability and light weight make Oakley eyewear worth every penny I've paid for them. Cheap sunglasses don't even compare. I have had several pairs in different styles, but I want to focus on my favorite, the Half Jacket S.I.

The "S.I." stands for "Standard Issue" and designates this model as intended for military personnel. The only real difference is the matte black frame. The "civilian" version is shiny. There is a version with polarized lenses, but mine are not.

I have worn these frequently for about five years and they show very little wear. The lenses are not even scratched. The view is undistorted and they are ANSI-approved for impact resistance. They are also comfortable and durable. These are the first sunglasses I reach for. Another quality product from Oakley.

Semper Paratus.

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