Sunday, January 5, 2014

Gerber Shard

Have you ever had to tighten a screw or pry something open and all you had were your keys? The Gerber Shard is one solution to both of those problems, plus it opens bottles, too.

If you've ever tried to turn a screw or pry something open with your thumbnail, this little tool can be a lifesaver (or fingernail saver). It performs several functions; large and small screwdriver, phillips screwdriver, prybar and bottle opener. It's also supposed to function as a wire stripper, but I don't know how well it would work. And although many manufacturers claim it, I could never figure out how a "lanyard hole" is a "tool". It's a hole. However, it is a good attachment point. Here it is attached to a lanyard I made using one of those skull beads I mentioned in a previous post:

The Shard is one of those items that you can't afford not to have. I got this one on eBay for $6.47 (free shipping). And at only 20.5 grams, there is pretty much no weight penalty. It's a handy thing to keep on your keychain.

Semper Paratus

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