Saturday, December 21, 2013

Snap-on Ratcheting Screwdriver

I have lived a minimal lifestyle all of my adult life. I have learned to do things with a minimum of tools, equipment and space. As a part of that, I have acquired some tools which have served me very well over the years. I would like to share a few of them here. Most are more than ten years old and were made in the USA.

I want to start with this Snap-on ratcheting screwdriver. I got it many years ago as a Christmas present. Other than my utility knife and tape measure, I use this more than any tool I own. It will accept any standard quarter-inch screwdriver bit, which is held in by a magnet. It ratchets left or right or locks with the switch in the middle position. the handle is hollow for storage of bits, but feels thick and substantial. It seals up tight with an o-ring seal. This tool has never failed me. Highly recommended.

Semper Paratus

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