Friday, November 11, 2011

A Few More Drawings

For this post, I'd like to share a character I've been drawing for about five years. His name is Gritty. He has been appearing on the pages of Grit Magazine since 2006. Grit is a farm-oriented magazine that has been published since 1882. That's right - 129 years. The original Gritty was just a "stick man" used to illustrate an article about trailer backing. He has been fully developed as a character for only about two years. I am able to fit him into just about any situation. I like how he is now and I would like to pass him along.

NOTE: the rights for Gritty are shared between Myself and Ogden Publications, Inc. Unauthorized use or reproduction is NOT allowed. With that said, here's Gritty!

This one was for an article about turkey carving in the November/December 2010 issue. His lady friend's name is Gritta:

This one is about pheasant hunting:

And here we see Gritty "snipe hunting":

I also like drawing cartoon animals. This one was about Colonial livestock breeds:

Here he is meeting a big bass:

Gritty is also very "scientific":

Gritty dressed as Popeye for an article about spinach:

This last one was not for publication. I thought it would be funny to pose Gritty and Gritta as "American Gothic":

I really enjoy drawing Gritty and I would like to see him reach a bigger audience. Like I said earlier; I can fit him into almost any situation. He's not limited to farm-related topics. Thet's just what I'm getting paid for at the moment. I hope you enjoy this and I'd like to hear your feedback!

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